Spider-Man ★★★½

Spidey Watch #1

So, um, just in case if Tobey is in it haha......but if not, watching all the past Spider-Man films in honor of No Way Home & for fun!

I will give credit to this movie. It's the origin of this Spider-Man and it is pretty good.

Gosh, Uncle Ben was not kidding about that "With great power comes great responsibility" line. That is the core of the movie and I like it so much and find it deeply emotional.

The line hits the nail hard and a great foreshadow. I get it, Peter thought he was getting $3,000.

But hey sometimes things happen where things aren't as they seem but the outcome he let happen after that was much worse. Had he used his new "powers" to stop that robber, maybe Uncle Ben would of never been where he ended up.

But the "responsibility" of Peter letting that guy get away was the consequence of Peter being so blind at that moment and the outcome that happened after was terrible & brutal.

That line just gets to me. It wraps up the core of this movie greatly. I know it's a good line but it means so much to the movie & in that integral moment.

And jeez oh wheez, the crying from Tobey in that scene when he sees Ben, was just too good. Perfect. He had an amazing crying face.

That's why I do like the movie. It's cool. And a cool character who gets pretty awesome powers. Innocently gets bit by a powerful spider, next morning guy doesn't even need glasses and he no longer feels sick.

Tobey Maguire is excellent as this Spider-Man and is a great Peter. You can see how awkward this guy is from Tobey's portrayal.

So, this is no surprise, I'm not into romance, but...you don't see "upside down" kisses every day in films.

It was pretty unique and there's a still of the scene of MJ smiling and the shot of them in the rain. It's a pretty good still.

Let's get into the "Mary Jane" plotline. The romance wasn't really cheesy or forced. I'm not going to sit here and say MJ & Peter's forming romance is the most interesting aspect of the movie, but it didn't make me uncomfortable.

In fact, it was pretty good. They take their time. You can see they like each other but they don't force it. It's awkward but then not awkward. If that makes sense.

They kind of develop it. You can see how much they cared from each other just from their eyes. And the opening, there is a trope of you think the "love interest" is seeing our lead but their actually seeing someone else.

I do believe she was actually looking at Peter and smiling. I just think the script at the last minute made it seem like she wasn't, that's at least what I think.

I didn't fall for the trope because I just know how much MJ likes him. Let's actually talk about that more. So, Peter has been neighbors with MJ for a long time ever since I think he was 6.

At first, I was like that's a coincidence but Peter does mention at the start he lived next to her. I don't know much about romance tropes but was the "Girl Next Door" line suppose to fit into that?

Maybe a classic trope they were probably trying to do on that? Yeah don't know much about how they do romances in films sometimes but I think that's what they were trying to do, at least from my understanding.

You really get to see the hollow stance Peter was in when they talk one night in front of their homes. When Peter mentions he loved MJ in plays, it felt like a fan meeting a person they really admire for the first time.

The "stage" haha no pun intended, was finally on Peter. I found it kind of sweet that Peter kind of knew everything about her and was finally able to speak to her and talk about things he admired about her.

And I do feel MJ would of still spoke to Peter even if he still had the glasses. Another thing I want to mention is Harry and MJ. Before I get into it, got to say this quickly. No matter if Harry is in a romantic relationship or not with MJ. Him, MJ, & Peter are a power dynamic. They are family and I love all of them together.

Spider-Man 3 greatly shows that. I freaking love that film. Okay, so I like how MJ & Pete don't get together fast. She starts off kind of "dating" Harry.

Curious to me. Not a romantic but you can see that MJ and Harry don't work. But why did Harry get with her? Was it to impress his dad? To mess with Peter? I don't get it. Even if he did like her, it seemed like more of a....um how do I say it, more of a "Yeah, you're cute, I like you, let's hang out."

It didn't seem like it was deep. Like how Peter loved her. It seemed like Peter genuinely loved her. Hope I explained that right. It's not that I like MJ and Harry together. But it's a nice development stage to see how Mary Jane and Peter blossom later.

This movie is essentially their beginning stages of love together, but in Bane's voice 😭 "That comes later."

SO LET'S TALK ABOUT WILLEM. HAHA HI WILLEM. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM IN NO WAY HOME. Guy looks freaking ACE in No Way Home. Haha, that's why I'm so excited hehe.

Yes, Willem is amazing here as the dual role of Norman/Green Goblin. His Green Globin voice is so good. You know that mirror moment? Too darn creepy haha. That freaking smile. Ah!

But mostly, of Norman maybe loosing his business? That sub-plot. Not very engaging. Didn't care much about that but Willem still is great as Goblin!

And the scene where, I feel, he possibly found out Peter was Spider-Man at the table? Amazing scene of suspense. The moment Aunt May brings up the bleeding, you see a pause in Norman's face.

Excellent acting from Willem there, his face as he pieces the puzzle together. And when he says "....How did you say...that happened again?". Amazing delivery by Willem.

And plus his hilarious face at the end when he says "Protect me! Don't....let him take me again." Priceless! 😭 So the film is pretty good. I just think Spider-Man 3 does a whole lot more for me!

- More things I want to mention: Bruce Campbell had a cameo here? I so remember his cameo as the Restaurant Manager in SM3!

His character here said, nah, The Human Spider is not working out, he even plainly said: "Oh that sucks." 😭 and just said "Spider-Man" sounds so much better haha!

The fight with Flash always get me. Joe Manganiello portays him! The moment where Peter grabs his hand and that hilarious angry facial expression Flash had. Always gets me. 😭

And okay, Spidey is too funny here. I don't remember him being this funny, okay nothing tops his dance and "Now dig on this" in Spider-Man 3 😭, but heck when he told the wrestler did your "Husband" make that for you?

I exploded up into laughter. It's not what he said, it's how he said it! 😭
And when he told J. Jonah "Hey kiddo, let Mom and Dad talk here." Like Pete, he has jokes. I just found that funny. 😭

Of course, Danny Elfman created this score. It's brilliant. But I feel Chris Young just remasters it just amazingly and a bit better in Spider-Man 3!

It was also kind of hilarious seeing many scenes in this movie that were turned into like internet reactions, that I've seen of. The "glasses" one. The shot of Peter putting them on. Of how it's blurry and then not. Haha yeah. 😭

So, I'm pretty sure this has been shared a lot of how the stunt of Peter catching MJ's tray and how I believe it was more then 80 or 100 takes that he did. I just maybe wanted to share a trivia....most people probably don't know?

Okay, here goes. If you're a fan of Tim Burton's Batman, today is you're lucky day haha omg. 😭 The interior set of the mansion of Norman and Harry's home was re-used from the same interior set of the Wayne Manor in the 1989 film.

Apparently, Sam Raimi worked really hard to shoot the scenes here in a way where audiences didn't catch it.

Oh, and Willem does like 95% of his own stunts in this movie. Freaking LOVE it when actors do that!

And that redeeming moment when Peter says, I had a father, his name was "Ben Parker". Too good!

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