Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★½

Be ready for a stream of thoughts.

This was kind of a mess. The first half of this movie has no plot. There is no driving force for these characters to move forward, and because of that, it's filled with comedy and character to try to keep the audience entertained. 

This is something I don't understand. While the strength of the Marvel films is the characters and personalities, it still kinda needs a loose plot to move them forward. What plot this have during the first half? Quill finds his dad and they go to his planet and hang out. That's about it.

Okay, so now the characters. They are supposed to be the thing that keeps our attention, so what are there arcs? This film tries to juggle so many arcs at once that you forget that they are happening. Rocket has this weird thing about being a jerk, that is brought up once early on and then resolved(?) at the end, kind of? I'm not really sure what that was trying to be.

Quill is supposed to have an arc as well. That the Guardians are already his family so that he doesn't have to bond with his father. But this is delivered in one scene where Gamora talks about it but there was no lead up to it! In fact, as Quill points out, Gamora pushed him to go with his father!

Yondu has the strongest "arc" here but there is so much around it that it's really hard to focus on.

So the characters aren't strong, the action is alright, and the comedy is hit or miss. So what's good about this movie?

This is where the second half hits (sort of). Once things are revealed, an actual plot starts happening, and characters begin to actually connect with the audience. There are finally moments where something happens (I'm trying to be vague), and we actually do get to FEEL something. Something the first half of this film lacked, a heart.

The comedy is better in the second half, the jokes start to land more, the action is better and things are actually MOVING, because our characters have something to do and we have motivation. 

But that first half still exists. And it brings this movie down hard. 

So, there is a lot to be desired here, and maybe I'll feel better upon revisits, but I wasn't a huge fan of this one, and I wanted to like it a lot more. There were plenty of great comic book Easter eggs here and there that I loved, but that doesn't make this a good movie. I will say the biggest strength of this film is the color and the distinct visual style, something the other Marvel movies don't have. 

I don't know. Disappointed with this one.

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