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This review may contain spoilers.


I have no idea how Akira Kurosawa is able to knock me out every single time I watch one of his films, but he is. This isn’t even my favorite Kurosawa film, I think it’s worse than High and Low by some distance. But even then, I can’t possibly deny that Seven Samurai is top tier cinema. To be honest, even though it’s made by one of my favorite directors and it’s widely acknowledged as one of the best films ever made. But like, I don’t know. I get weary of films with so much hype, even if I often end up enjoying the film once I finally watch it. Seven Samurai surely can’t be as good as all that, right? It is. It truly is. It’s certainly one of the best war films I’ve ever seen. It’s so rich and intense, and as simple as the film is it truly earns its three and a half hour runtime. It is simply a story about these people, and how their lives are affected by what they cannot control. This goes for the villagers of course, as they are in danger of losing their well being and way of life thanks to ravangers. So samurai are introduced. We learn about them. We gain a deep emotional connection with each of them. And yes, the samurai do technically win the war, but at what cost? The villagers celebrate the outcome not knowing that because of those lost, the samurai have now won the battle and protected those who cannot defend themselves, and they feel nothing. It’s a really, truly powerful finale that’s the best example of burnout from winning a war that I’ve seen in any film of this genre, even if I think something like Apocalypse Now is a stronger film. Akira Kurosawa does not make what I would call complicated films? Movies like Ikiru and Seven Samurai, they don’t have super in depth plots with insane twists that make you reconsider a million times over. There’s nothing wrong with movies like that for the record, but Akira Kurosawa outlasted the need for that when it occurred to him that he could simply make stories about relatively simple people in relatively simple circumstances that change them in spectacular ways. And it works.

Fucked Up Shit Ville Score: 7/10