Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★½

*previously a 3/10*

I underrated a lot of great movies in the last several months of 2019 because of a horrible declining mental state during which I forgot what my taste in movies even is. I’ve tried to revisit most of them and give them their due, but I neglected the Evil Dead trilogy for a long time, specifically because I gave Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness really low scores for a self proclaimed horror fan. I gave this a three out of ten, I think because I didn’t love that Sam Raimi took the unintentional camp of the original film and went completely off the rails with it. And let it not be said that that’s not still true. What I missed is that Evil Dead II being off the rails and insane is the fucking point of the movie. One of the most popular reviews of this film just says that they’ve never seen a movie love being itself more than this one, and that’s precisely the appeal of Evil Dead II. It’s not the best horror comedy out there by any means, but it’s one of the few moments where two extremely different genres are at war and they meet in the middle at a great film. It’s occasionally too over the top for me, but usually Evil Dead II hits the nail on the head (Bruce Campbell’s disembodied hand flipping him off is cinematic gold). With this in mind, I’m really excited to revisit Army of Darkness and see how good it is when I’m not in a horrible state. But...that revelation will have to wait until tomorrow night. See you then.