Zodiac ★★★★

Ok Geez all this Fincher is starting to stress me out. Like I haven't a clue what to think about half of them. My ranking is all over the place and I feel like I've rated a lot of them too highly and maybe I was too harsh on se7en arrrgggh. All that's clear is that the social network is number 1. I mean come on. And... I think this might be my 2.

Zodiac stars Jake Gyllenhaal and I love Jake Gyllenhaal. And he gets plenty of screen time as a softly spoken cartoonist turned mystery author. His character is compelling and I certainly was getting nervous for his and his family's safety at some of the tenser moments. Mark Ruffalo was a detective called Dave I think and he sounded like he was on helium the whole time it was weird. Also some of the words that came out of his mouth drove me mad. Like come on actual please men don't say crap like that cmon. I'm not sure what Robert Downey Jr was doing here really a lot of his bits could have easily been cut. There was a great build up of tension throughout the whole thing, I felt that desperation, I felt fear and the dread and the threat. I enjoy a good serial killer movie and this was a good serial killer movie.

Also Arthur Leigh Alan has the same birthday as me!

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