Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

Blimey, Scream 6 is great. From the most subversive possible opening, to it's constant rug pulling towards the end, it is a non-stop thrill ride. (Apologies for the cliche). It is fantastically fast paced and action packed. It is by far the scariest film since the original. Its characters are given plenty of time to feel and breathe. The returning characters bring a lovely sense of connectivity to this. If we were sent on an adventure with a whole new set of characters, I fear it would feel disconnected but this is absolutely not. I was worried the metaness might be tired (and it seemed like the gang agreed) but it was really well done. This new core cast of four characters are sensational together, I love their chemistry and I feel they could carry the franchise for another 6 movies.

But, I'm sorry, part 6 is the best Friday the 13th film. And my letterboxd profile is only a supplement to my personality.

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