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  • Lone Star
  • Jackie Brown
  • City of God
  • Our Little Sister

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  • Down and Out in Beverly Hills

    Down and Out in Beverly Hills


    I was so young when it came out, and I loved this film so much! 
    I have just rewatched it and now I can see its many flaws but it kind of strikes me as the Parasite of its day. Manicheistic, dated, as un-PC as the 80s were, but it is about class and inequality, with comedy added. Gold nuggets abound: the videographer son, Little Richard’s scenes, the TV watching sequence, the Iranian boy neighbor, Matisse the scene-stealing overacting dog…

  • Watch Out, Madame

    Watch Out, Madame


    This sophomoric Brazilian film from 1970 that can be found on youtube (without subtitles, but there’s not much dialogue) is some novelty. It’s a slasher/exploitation film thinly disguised as social commentary. Mia Goth’s grandmother, veteran Brazilian actress Maria Gladys plays a maid who goes on a rampage killing her bosses (Cuidado Madame means “watch out, ma’am”)
    It could have been a short film, because there’s not much in it but it’s a curiosity anyway, since you can see Mia’s grandma…

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  • Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game

    Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game


    I wasn’t even going to review this one, but I just keep thinking that it is a prime example of how the right or wrong editing can make or break a film. Pinball machines have such an iconic look, graphics and sound, but this movie/mockumentary about pinball opts for NOT exploring that and for choosing the most sleep-inducing pace and the most obvious storytelling routes. They make a movie about frigging PINBALL that is dull and bureaucrtic. The cast and…

  • Great Expectations

    Great Expectations


    David Lean is a genius and I’m all for classic movies (at least in theory) but I find the music excessively distracting, the sound effects generic, the English too odd, not to mention the casting of two prematurely aged men who look 60, to play young men barely past their teens. Miss Havisham herself looks the same age as the young men. Being used to naturalistic acting, I found it hard to believe and care. It all feels too pompous, even for the stuffiest of times: the Victorian era.
    The story by Dickens is powerful though.

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  • U Turn

    U Turn


    This Oliver Stone film is definitely underappreciated! In a style more associated with the Coen brothers or David Lynch -maybe even Tarantino - it is schematic, but it’s also a plot-twist-filled, fun thriller with a stellar cast.

  • Spoiled Brats

    Spoiled Brats


    Surprisingly not terrible for a “small commercial movie.” Better enjoyed in its original French than in translation, it is still a guilty pleasure. It makes for lighthearted viewing if you’re not too demanding. (or a cinematic snob)