• King and the Clown

    King and the Clown


    yes, theatre is cringe, but no one is as cringe as the theatre fan...

  • Marry My Dead Body

    Marry My Dead Body


    To me this is a three star film but it was genuinely so entertaining that I need to give it an extra half star.

  • D.E.B.S.



    angela robinson had 5 dollars and a dream. and the greatest script of all time

  • Monster



    i'm a pig, i'm a mother, i'm a child, i'm a monster, i'm a teacher i'm an abandoned train... i do not feel ashamed 🙌

  • Fiction.



    a world without girls with bpd is like a world without sunshine

  • La Luna

    La Luna


    incredibly amused by how this film features some real dark supervillain monologue material and a character saying "slay!". that really spoke to me.

  • How to Have Sex

    How to Have Sex


    lamented to myself in the first five minutes that i couldnt relate to being this kinda girl and then spent 85 minutes amazed over how molly manning walker manages to perfectly capture so many relatable experiences of being a teenage girl

  • The Cloud-Capped Star

    The Cloud-Capped Star


    boy have i been listening to indian classical music since watching this! stunning cinematography and brilliant sound design.

  • The King of Comedy

    The King of Comedy


    when you get so delusional you start feeling free

  • Lady Snowblood

    Lady Snowblood


    this fucks

  • Shakespeare in Love

    Shakespeare in Love



  • Kagero-za



    aesthetically it is absolutely astounding, from the sound design to the cinematography to the physical comedy performances. had the story been better and easier to grasp this could have been a real favourite of mine, but,  alas.