• Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    Top Gun: Maverick literally took my breath away. From the opening to the end, I was glued to the screen. Tom Cruise’s Maverick is a movie icon, but damn both Glen Powell’s Hangman and Miles Teller’s Rooster made every scene they were in even better. I’m on board for a Glen Powell Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nomination, and Miles Teller winning Best Mustache of 2022.

    Maverick is how you make a fuckin’ sequel. Hell yes!! Maverick is the most pure action…

  • Invincible



    I’m a huge Johnny Strong fan. I am the target audience for Invincible. While Johnny looks cool as hell doing everything he does, I feel the film falls a bit flat. The story felt rushed, almost like they ran out of money and stopped filming. Perhaps there’s a reason this one stayed on the shelf for so long?

    I guess my favorite scenes involve Johnny being Johnny, Johnny fighting Marko Zaror, and watching Zaror eat everything in site. Someone must’ve…

  • A Day to Die

    A Day to Die


    Another week, another Bruce Willis new release.

    Damn, forgot to even log this one. That should tell you something. I dunno. What’s the point with these films? They are basically the same movie over and over again.

    Really all you need to know is Frank Grillo needs to be a bit more selective in taking acting parts. He is too good for this. Also, with Kevin Dillon as the lead, I am reminded of Entourage and his character, Johnny “Drama”…

  • Detour



    Detour might have one too many twists and turns, but it is still an enjoyable noir-esque thriller.

    I’ve always had high hopes for Tye Sheridan. He has been close now for almost a decade to breaking out into superstardom. He’s not quite there yet, but I believe his best acting roles are still ahead of him. 

    I knew Detour would be more than it appeared with Christopher Smith as the director and writer. Smith always adds a little bit extra…

  • The Taking of Beverly Hills

    The Taking of Beverly Hills


    One of the more entertaining Die Hard concept movies we definitely don’t talk enough about. 

    Ken Wahl is one of those “What should’ve been” actors. If it wasn’t for debilitating injuries, who knows how big of a star he could’ve been. Ken is just right as Boomer Hayes, the Quarterback hero. He wears his football jersey while kicking ass. Plus, he gets to throw Ninja Stars at the baddies while Faith No More’s Epic is played. You don’t get much more…

  • The 355

    The 355


    I don’t know about this one.

    The 355 is “better” than I thought it would be, but it is one of the MOST clichéd action movies I’ve seen in recent memory.

    I guess my score gets bumped up because as I watched the special features, I learned Jessica Chastain did a lot of her own stunt work. I thought that was cool. 

    Yeah, so the action looks passable. I’m not down on it as much as some other critics. My…

  • Gasoline Alley

    Gasoline Alley


    Would you believe Gasoline Alley features Bruce Willis’ “best” performance so far of 2022? True, we only have this and American Siege to compare. But a win is a win.

    Still, I’m getting sleepy as I try to type a few more words. I’ll sum it up like this: Devon Sawa carries Gasoline Alley on his back. Bruce Willis shows up for a day of work. Luke Wilson acts like Luke Wilson. Gasoline Alley isn’t remarkable in any way, but it is watchable. 

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  • Seobok: Project Clone

    Seobok: Project Clone


    The action in Seobok is pretty damn good. It is what you would expect from a Korean made action film. But, with the action comes a story. The story didn’t do it for me as much as the cool action sequences.

    South Korean cinema is one of my favorites. The thing is: I wasn’t in the mood for the melodrama. With most SK flicks, no matter what, there’s going to be some serious drama. I was more in the mood for a popcorn action flick with a non-intense ending. 

    Seobok is a solid flick, but I just don’t see myself ever going back to watch it again.

  • Subterfuge



    In this addition of Who Wants to be an Action Star finds Matt McColm diving for a black box from an airplane that went kaboom. Welcome to Subterfuge.

    Matt McColm has the action star look, but his acting range isn’t quite there. He does look cool in a bar fight early in the film. His chemistry with Amanda Pays is iffy. 

    Perhaps the biggest enjoyment is scene stealer, Jason Gould. The child of Barbara Streisand and Elliott Gould is probably…

  • Fistful of Vengeance

    Fistful of Vengeance


    I could watch Iko Uwais fight all day. Just give me Iko fighting, and I’m cool. 

    I can’t tell if Fistful of Vengeance is trying to make you remember or forget Wu Assassins. It is almost like they are rebooting the story, and moving in another direction if more films are made. I don’t see Wu Assassins having any more seasons on Netflix. 

    What’s cool about Fistful? Lewis Tan could stand still and look cool. He’s the man! I love…

  • Fatal Pursuit

    Fatal Pursuit


    How Fatal Pursuit only now has 8 reviews on LB is beyond me.

    Shannon Whirry once again does her thing, but perhaps the biggest highlight is Robert Z’Dar doing his best John Belushi impersonation. It seems Robert had the most fun when he had a beard, it kept people from being distracted by his chin. 

    L.P. Brown III isn’t the first or one millionth name that first comes to mind as a leading man, but damn, this guy is in…

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre


    Leatherface goes bananas.

    Oh boy, this one will probably divide the slasher community. Hell, I’m going to grab some popcorn and laugh at all the comments from the Discord / Twitter discussions.

    Remember, this is just a movie. Not all movies are made with agendas other than proving entertainment for the audience. If you like Chainsaws, party buses, faces only a mother can love and fast-moving senior citizens, then this latest reboot of TCM might be the movie for you. 

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