Welcome to Sudden Death

Welcome to Sudden Death ★★½

The Good: Michael Jai White

The Bad: Just about everything else.

Sudden Death is a classic Die Hard clone and this new chapter in the Sudden Death Cinematic Universe tries to bring the heat. The main problem? All the damn comedy. This shouldn’t be a comedy, yet 89.7% of the film felt like I was watching a rerun of some comedy on Nick at Nite. Look, Michael Jai White is a badass. He is one of my favorite martial artists. He can fight with the best of them. He kicks ass, and he also shoots someone in the face with a t-shirt gun. However, most of the film is a damn hot mess. At least it is “better” than Rogue. I do think a lot of people will watch. You can find it right now on Netflix USA. Who knows, this new chapter of Sudden Death might be want you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

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