The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

A Tramp and Uncle Fester share a special bond in this timeless classic from Charlie Chaplin. Burned photograph. Crying babies scare gangstas. Pimpin' cigarette box. The way Charlie Chaplin tips his hat. Umbrella beatdown. The letter. Bootleg baby bottle. Street hustling like a boss. Rocks break windows. Charlie's giggle. The little kid runs faster than a jaguar. Smooth lobby boy. Charlie Chaplin's mustache is crooked. Booger picker. I'm still cracking the fuck up because the little kid grew up to be Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. Bully beatdown. The even bigger badder bully's muscles. Brick knockout. Ass kick. Quack doctor. The way Charlie Chaplin pushes a motherfucker. The kid is crying and I want to cry. Such passion. Such strong intense emotion. Hug and kiss. Charlie might be short, but I wouldn't fuck with him. Unmistakable penmanship. The Fat Guy's beard. Snoring pickpocket. Charlie's flat feet. The shit people do for a cash reward. Halo dreams. Angel doggie? Flying Tramp? Seductive devil. The dream sequence is some serious trippy shit. Angels enjoy playing harps. Police harassment. Reunion. Charlie Chaplin is a comedic genius. His swag is undeniable. He might not do the batshit crazy stunts Buster Keaton did, but he's still a badass motherfucker. The Kid is a powerful heartfelt film about fatherly love. Both Chaplin and Little Uncle Fester Jackie Coogan shine in the starring roles. Highly recommended for fans of silent cinema and films that make you appreciate the finer things in life.

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