Psycho ★★★★★

Alfred Hitchcock's tale of a semi socially awkward boy, a loving and caring mother, a family owned and operated motel, a thief who stole $40,000 of cold hard cash, and a steamy shower that forever changed cinema for the better. Post coitus pillow talk. Is Sam Loomis and Dr. Loomis the same person? The way Hitch gives the middle finger to the censorship codes. Janet Leigh purrs like a kitten and is one sexy vixen. Cowboy Hitch. Has there ever been a scene in a Hitch film that Patricia Hitchcock didn't steal? Pills make you feel better. Watching Janet Leigh dress is exciting. You gotta love the musical score. It's super freaky in a super fun way. Creepy cop. Cheap newspaper. Janet Leigh's eyes. I would buy a car from California Charlie. The absolute worst time for a rainstorm. The Bates Motel scares me. The first time you see Norman Bates. Anthony Perkins is the motherfucker. Of course his role as Norman is iconic, but he's a brilliant actor. It's ludicrous he doesn't get the credit he deserves for being one of greatest actors off all-time. Norman's mannerisms. Norman's smile. Wet shoes might give you a cold if you don't take them off. Loud voices. Smart owl. Sandwiches and milk are yummy. Never trust a taxidermist. Peep hole. If you want to get rid of incriminating evidence, flush it down the toilet. The set of balls Hitch had to pull off the Shower Scene. Imagine being at the cinema in 1960 and seeing that? The irony of Norman washing his bloody hands. Sometimes it pays to have a big trunk. Cars sink in water. Lovely Lila. Arbogast should be on season 2 of True Detective. Norman's wardrobe. You would think his mother dressed him? I would confess to anything if Arbogast questioned me. Imagine Trick-or-Treating at the Bates House? You don't fuck with Sheriff Chambers. Sam is the man. The way Norman puts his hands in his pockets. The importance of staircases in Hitch's films. Mrs. Bates is one fine hottie. If there's a perfect film, it could quite possibly be Psycho. The way it goes from act to act is sheer brilliance. Every scene is important. Every character matters. Alfred Hitchcock is the motherfucker and I salute him for creating one of most important films ever made. I can't recommend Psycho enough.

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