Logan ★★★★½

Logan might be the greatest comic book man movie ever made. I compare Logan's journey to an aging gunfighter, all in for one more showdown with the devil. From the opening scene, you know why this movie had to be a hard-R. This is how you make an R-rated comic book man movie. This is how you make an action movie. This is how you go out like a boss. The way this year is going, 2017 is shaping up to be one of the most awesome years in action cinema, and the good news, it's only March.

Stunts. Story. Special effects. That's what I most admire about Logan. The realism of the stunt people (especially Dafne Keen's stunt double) is remarkable. It's like this little kid is really running around going all Freddy Krueger on some motherfuckers. The story is a duel-layered special bond between Logan and Charles and Logan and Laura. Both relationships are heartfelt and sincere. You feel for these characters, and you hope like all hope, all will turn out for the best. Also, major props for the lack of CG. You gonna blow a motherfucker up, then go all boom boom and blow a motherfucker up!

Of course Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart kill it. What else can be said about these two? Dafne Keen does so much with such limited dialogue. She's someone to look out for in the coming years. Also, for once, villains are actually pretty fuckin' rad. X-24, Boyd Holbrook and Richard E Grant all have "memorable villainous" moments.

Logan is brutal. Take the scene at the Munson's house. You would never have that outcome with PG-13. We have crazy chases and sheer hardcore fighting. Heads literally roll like dice. I don't see a lot of faults. I'm scoring the movie so high because it does for comic book man movies what John Wick: Chapter 2 did for the action packed gunplay movie. You like action with a story, too? Then, Logan might just be the movie for you!

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