Halloween ★★★★★

It's Halloween night, about a month before JFK went to Dallas, and a small child named Michael brutally butchers his older sister. He's sent to the asylum, and he's supposed to stay locked up forever. However, 15 years later he escapes, and guess where he goes? Yup, back to the scene of the crime. This time, Michael has his eye on a trio of teenage girls. Why is he paying such close special attention to a very young Jamie Lee Curtis? Who taught him to drive? Why does his mask look like James T Kirk met a can of spray paint? John Carpenter's Halloween is pure horror. It proves you don't need tons of blood, kills, or a big budget, to scare the pants off motherfuckers. Just think, over the years, how many filmmakers cut and paste the Halloween concept? Could Halloween be the modern day horror flick's baby daddy?

John Carpenter is the motherfucker and the most underrated filmmaker of all time. The way he shoots, casts, and scores movies is pure genius. Look at the opening PoV scene from Halloween. What caught my attention on this watch was Michael's PoV through the clown mask. The cutouts for the eyes are chilling to the bone. The entire sequence is super, but it kicks it up a notch or twelve when Michael puts on the mask. What else is cool about the scene? How Michael's sister, Judith, is sitting by the mirror. She's naked, and combing her hair. It's something ripped straight from the pages of a 70's issue of Playboy Magazine. Hell, it's genius casting from Carpenter's perspective, since Sandy Johnson, the actress who played Michael's doomed sister, was a Playmate. The entire scene, is made even more scary, by the boss daddy synth score. It's unforgettable music, and scary as fuck. Wanna scare a little kid? Play Halloween's infamous score. Wanna scare a grown man? Play Halloween's infamous score. What's not to love?

We all know Halloween made Jamie Lee the Queen Scream Queen. She's perfectly cast, and I couldn't imagine anyone else in her role. I love how she goes full-throttle in the final 20 minutes. It's why she's the quintessential final girl. She has no clue what's going on, until the shit gets real. She's being stalked the entire film, but she doesn't realize it. We see it as the audience, and we are scared for her. Also, you can't have Halloween without Dr Sam Loomis. Damn, Donald Pleasence is a joy to watch. Is he searching for Michael or is he looking for something more evil and sinister, the Boogeyman?

What scares you? Who gives you nightmares? Well, the Boogeyman scares me. Why? Michael fuckin' Myers is stalking his prey in motherfuckin' broad daylight. I thought the freaks only came out at night; I'm dead wrong. That's what I love about Michael. He's on the hunt 24 / 7. He doesn't quit. He never talks, but he has deep breathing down pact. He doesn't really fuck with a lot of weapons, because his hands are deadly weapons and illegal in all 50 states in America. You say Halloween ain't scary? What the fuck you smokin'? I think I'm more scared in the daylight scenes. I know nothing will happen, but the Don't Fear the Reaper driving scene gets me every time. The girls are literally being chased by the Reaper. Don't fear him, my ass. With the concept of the Boogeyman, I think Tommy is the most underrated character from Halloween. He's curious about the Boogeyman. He watches the Boogeyman in the act. (Watch Michael carry one of our character's dead corpse out of a certain house, and tell me you don't get the chills?) I'm glad Tommy doesn't know what's really going on. Could you imagine the therapy he would need?

Look, I love Halloween. It's 5 stars all day every day. What else can be said? Well, Debra Hill is a name all horror fans should know, but don't. She's Carpenter's equal, and they made such a rad team. She captured the dialogue of the 3 girls to perfection. Also, I like to dream of an alternate version of Halloween. Told from the perspective of Ben Tramer and Paul. (2 people never seen in the movie.) Ben talks about what he wants to do to Laurie, while Paul talks about how his girlfriend, Annie, is as annoying as Joy Behar. Ben gets drunk, and tries to make it to Paul's house to crash, but something happens to Ben. ( Hold up, I'm actually making sense.)

It's Halloween season. Maybe, this is your first Hoop-Tober? Maybe, you've never seen Halloween? Maybe, you think Halloween isn't scary? Fuck it! Just watch!!

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