Dust Devil

Dust Devil ★★★½

A mysterious magical drifter killer known as Dust Devil roams the desert searching for his next victim in this South African horror thriller from Richard Stanley. Asphalt kissy kissy. Kodak moment. Bad shit usually happens under a full moon. Tit grab. Neck snap. Snuggle buddies. The Dust Devil character has the creepiness of Rutger Hauer's John Ryder from The Hitcher and the suave swagger of Billy Zane's The Collector from Demon Knight. Burn, Motherfucker, Burn. Bitch slap. Choo choo train. Cows that like to moo. Bootleg RoboCop Robert John Burke makes an awesomely awesome badass drifter. Sharp razor. Smart owl. Chelsea Field is an underrated hottie. Zakes Mokae is the motherfucker. Autopsy yucky yuck. Joe smokes too much ganja and enjoys talking to rocks. I might dress up as Dust Devil for Halloween. Swingin' wristwatch. Freaky as fuck psychedelic dreams. Bloody tears. Heart snatch? Porky Porkins without Wedge. If you're good at playing the harmonica, you might get laid. Robert John Burke has incredible sideburns. Pinball Wizard. Holy Fuck! The music in the arcade sounds just like Snow the washed up rapper. Sweaty fornication. Sticks are the perfect weapon to use against demon fuckers. Finger trinkets. Dust Devil's bedside manner. Dust storm. The way Zakes Mokae owns the screen. Slithering snake. Sand crawl. Missing reel. Itchy trigger finger. Exploding explosion. Unique and trippy Dust Devil is a damn entertaining flick and a vast upgrade from Richard Stanley's previous film Hardware. Zakes Moake is the man as the Dr. Loomis-esque Ben who's pursing the devil. A fun watch for anyone looking for another Hoop-Tober film.

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