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  • Vesper



    For a small indie sci-fi movie, the special effects are stunning, visually striking and the world building was incredible. It’s a slow burn but I really enjoyed it. I hope there will be a sequel!

  • Sacred



    Asli gue pribadi ini serem sih, apalagi nontonnya tanpa baca spoileran + subuh, kerasa sampe sesak napas!! TAPI yang ngerusak castnya yang pada annoying banget terutama si miea anjing yang songong banget dan mulutnya tai bangetlah! Sepanjang film gak bisa diam, teriak-teriak mulu mana kasar lagi, bossy bgt!! Rasa-rasanya pengen gue sumpal tuh mulutnya pake kontolnya cunkringgg biar sekalian ngeblowjob dia sampe keselek air mani!!!!! Mampuss!!

    Cungkring asli goblok benar, mau-maunya ditinggal sendirian di kuburan mana gelap buta, mampuskan kena…

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  • Blonde


    The whole movie was DISGUSTING, EXPLOITATIVE & DISRESPECTFUL, it shows her nothing but being sad, physically and sexually abused, screaming, daddy issues, crying in every scene, talking with fetus, threesome, hallucinating, worried, call her husband 'daddy', popping pills, getting drugged, being carried and fuck with JFK.... wtfff hell is thiss??!!!

    Fuck the director.
    Fuck the writer.
    Fuck Netflix.
    Fuck everybody involved in this piece of shit and I hope you gets haunted by her ghost!!!

    Half star for Ana de Armas that was amazing, she didn't deserve this such a shitty movie.