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She's coming. She's almost here.

Idk. This is really one of the most frustrating films I've seen. There is some incredible craft here. Ana de Armas gives a great physical performance, at times looking uncanny to the real Monroe in recreations. Great Angelo Badalamenti type of score from Nick Cave. Surprisingly very well paced; for being so long and touching on such heavy things the length FLEW by for me.

The cinematography especially was a stand out. Loved whenever there was a recreation of an iconic photograph in motion, it was very haunting at times. This is going to sound like way higher praise then I actually mean, but this felt like the last half hour of Mulholland Dr spread out to three hours. Scenes blending together like a nightmare as Hollywood tears her apart. Scenes like when she's watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and saying she doesn't recognize what's on screen as the camera zoomed out; and when she switches from the Norma persona to Marlyin in front of the makeup mirrors were fantastic.

I hated the abortion subplot. I know this movie is fiction, but that goes too far for me (especially considering Monroes tragic miscarriages and how much she did want children). It was very tasteless, and the scenes weren't exactly well handled. Omg that Bye Bye Baby needledrop?? You could've easily done the movie without it, and I completely understand someone finding it offensive because of it.

Also having read up on and watched The Misfits right before, I was incredibly disappointed that the making of that film wasn't brought up at all. Working with Clark Gable after viewing him as a father figure in his films, and then his immediate passing is a story that would've fit this film like a glove. They're already using Gables image as the father she always wanted, so why not use the real tragic story? Very missed opportunity.

Overall this was a scrambled mess in quality. I understand the complaints completely, but I also think calling someone sexist for liking this movie is a very immature way to handle it. In one way in another this is worth a watch. Some scenes were cringe, but some scenes were amazing. I feel like this was very close to being something truly great and it sadly missed the mark. But I definitely don't regret watching this in the slightest, and damn I'm going to be thinking about it for awhile.

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