I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★★

Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) works an elaborate scam with a doctor as a ward of the state for elderly people that are declared unfit. After the doctor declares the elderly needing emergency state care, Marla steps in and puts them in homes. She and her partner Fran (Elza Gonzalez) get tipped off on a "cherry" -- an elderly woman named Jennifer Peterson who is sitting on a boatload of money. Marla has the doctor fake that Jennifer is unable to take care of her, the state puts her in Marla's care and then Marla and Fran step into systematically loot the senior citizen. Little do they know that Jennifer Peterson isn't what she seems.

Peter Dinklage plays Roman, a shadowy mob boss who wants to enact his own kind of justice against the scamsters. This is one of my favorite Dinklage roles. He just exudes quiet irritation and anger out of all pores. We have sympathy for his motivation, which is unusual considering his occupation. He's a bad guy with a heart, or so it seems.

The crooked women we have a much harder time rooting for, which adds to our conflicted aspirations. Then there's Jennifer Peterson, left in the care of the state. We want to see her escape her fate. There are character motivations all over the place in this extremely clever script. The film ask, "Are you a lion or a lamb?" Such a great question. Great film. Recommended.