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  • The Campaign


  • Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage


  • No Time to Die


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  • The Campaign

    The Campaign


    Will Ferrell plays Cam Brady, an overconfident congressman who is running on the ticket unopposed until the Motch brothers (Dan Akyroyd and John Lithgow) put weird, but lovable Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis) in the running. And so begins a sometimes hilarious back and forth rivalry between the two polar comedic opposites.

    Love how Ferrell goes off in his role and lampoons political campaigns, but there isn't enough of that Stepbrothers-style wackiness to keep this comedy afloat for the entire length…

  • Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

    Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

    Direct to video TV movies which are quite obviously from the cheesy vein of Sharkanado are like the "horror" equivalent of reality TV. Yeah, that's not a compliment, so why waste any time watching films like this? Because there is just something entertaining in watching Traci Lords -- yes, *that* Traci Lords who was an underage porn star now acting in a, cough, legit movie as fiery, show my cleavage, police TV detective.

    My major complaint with this movie is:…

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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    At the end of this movie the early screening audience started clapping.

    Video Review - just left the theater (no spoilers)

    Perhaps the best horror movie sequel I've ever seen because it doesn't try to be a significant rehash of what came before, it draws inspiration and excitement from the source material but it isn't a clone.

    I hoped I'd like this, because I loved The Shining novel and movie. A young, ferocious Stephen King writes a masterful novel, then…

  • 1917



    The one continuous camera shot might seem like a gimmick, but it's the real deal. Just try and figure out where the film is cut from the beginning. It's an engaging way to shoot this film that adds a level of depth and immersion that accentuates the overall story and creates a compelling viewing experience.

    Video Review - just left theater (no spoilers)

    It's a simple plot, yet effectively told through the camerawork and mostly two actor focus. Two soldiers,…