Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's ★★★½

Not a fantastic film, this, but boy is Audrey Hepburn a charm.
In her most iconic role as the elegant Ms. Holly Golightly, Hepburn shines through this film making, what certainly would have been otherwise, a dull affair into a watchable story about a wild thing.

She brings this fragility to the character which is so, so beautiful that you can't help but give in to her feigned innocence. Or is it real? Maybe she is innocent, but just a tad more unscrupulous than the rest?

Honestly, I was so mesmerized by Hepburn I didn't much care for the movie. Which is good, in a way because had I been watching closely I'm pretty sure this movie would have been a far less pleasing experience.

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