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  • Ghost of the Pirate Queen

    Ghost of the Pirate Queen


    I'll give a solid "they tried" had some good chuckles, the dude pirate was having the time of his life, the knock off pirates of the caribbean soundtrack was hilarious. The nudity was boring and sucked lol

  • Joe's Apartment

    Joe's Apartment


    One of the most putrid, constantly filthy, and accurate portrayals of New York I've ever seen in a movie. A mixture of disgusting middle school peeper poopoo and some real messages on society and anti-gentrification. The lead character is a little hard to root for because he is so rancid but at the same time he's still the hero of the movie because everything around him is an even bigger nightmare.
    I can't imagine the demographic was really intended for anyone other than stoners lol

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  • Zodiac


    Ever wanted to watch a really boring, nearly 3 hour long csi episode? Ever wanted to take a really good cast and then make them do absolutely nothing of excitement or interest? Here ya go

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name

    As an openly gay man, this movie is pretty offensive. It's perpetuates so many negative stereotypes and fetishes a lot of troubling shit.
    It's a gross movie that tries to normalize pedos. Just because it "looks pretty" doesn't excuse how rancid it is. Throw it in the trash, no, just burn it in a cleansing bonfire.