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  • Barber's Tales

    Barber's Tales


    Striking in every way and straightforward with its message. Barber's Tales is an accurate tale of the trials and tribulations of the Filipino people during the brutal dictatorship and the struggles women confront in a patriarchal society. The novel idea of centering the narrative on a woman in a predominantly male environment is the perfect vehicle for conveying the film's message — to provide an independence from generational prejudices and enable insights that allow us to see the forest for the trees.

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    Simple, yet innovative and visionary. The quality of the film relies heavily on the people within it — a hit or miss concept, however, the realization that every individual has a story to tell and is living a life equally evocative and complex as the one watching it makes the movie particularly exceptional for me. The film is such a moving and striking reminder of the vulnerable stories we have heard and the stories we have yet to.

Popular reviews

  • Central Station

    Central Station


    Even the most broken of lives yearn for a chance, a chance of hope that might only be realized through someone. Nobody comes in our life by accident, whether we see it as a blessing or a lesson, there is a reason. Every encounter, no matter how you perceive it, serves as the missing piece to the convoluted puzzle that is life.

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    Often times, we find ourselves in situations forced to collaborate with individuals we don't know. Generally, these people come from different backgrounds. Such means is a great opportunity to have an insight into their beliefs and ways of thinking, often challenging our biases, our preconceived notions. The film does a phenomenal job conveying, at close quarters, the complexity and dissonance of human nature, and by not reducing anyone to one-dimensional caricatures.