Logan ★★★★★

Sarah and I see two good movies for once
part 2

I love comic books
I read them a lot I have for years and can go into great detail about multiple story lines from both DC and Marvel

So naturally I've been enjoying the current super hero boom.
But in the midst of DC and Marvel, I feel like we have forgotten about something.

We forgot that Fox has the rights to X-Men and they unlike Marvel studios (Disney) have the balls to make movies like this.

The MCU would never and probably will never make a film like this. Because PG-13 sells tickets. But thanks to Deadpool we know that R rated movies can make money. So here we are.

God damn is this a good movie.
This is probably the best comic book movie since "The Dark Knight"

It's also very emotional, not a phrase one would associate with a X-Men movie.

Now I grew up with X-Men both the movies and the comics, and here we see the final time Hugh Jackman as Wolverine or Logan in this case, and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xaiver.

Okay honestly I've just been stalling this entire time



Maybe its because I've watched theses characters for as long as I remember.

That and this movie is that damn good.
It also has one of the best child actors I've ever seen, and she kicks ass too, I fucking love this child.

Just see this movie we need to scream this as loud as we

YOU CAN MAKE A REALLY GOOD COMIC BOOK MOVIE THAT'S R RATED, FOR ADULTS, AND YOU DON'T NEED A BIG FUCKING UNIVERSE TO DO IT (I mean you could count the X-Men movies as a universe but that's not the point)

I can only hope DC and Marvel (Disney) can take ques from this

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