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  • You Can Count on Me
  • Detour
  • Point Break
  • Nashville

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  • Comes a Horseman


  • The Lost King


  • Jurassic World Dominion


  • Call Jane


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  • Comes a Horseman

    Comes a Horseman


    About as muted as '70s revisionist westerns get and all the better for it, where all the contained emotion behind gruff body language can be felt wanting to burst out into stony silences heavy with complicated and long-unspoken personal histories.

    It's also the '70s western with the most unintelligible dialogue next to McCabe & Mrs Miller, and that along with a dusty, washed-out Blu-ray print often makes this feel less of the experience it should be.

    James Cann rides horses the…

  • The Lost King

    The Lost King


    Sally Hawkins just exudes empathy and soulful decency from every pore. It's not a put-on, and perfectly calibrated to never push The Lost King into sentimentality. It's remarkable that she makes the honesty and integrity of her character so immediately apparent with no showiness whatsoever.

    Stephen Frears has built such a subtly sturdy star vehicle around her as well, and the script has a far sharper insight, sensitivity and playfulness than the marketing suggests. This isn't some shameless, grey pound-courting piece of counter programming, because if it was, Alexandre Desplat would not be scoring it like a Hitchcock film.

Popular reviews

  • The Fabulous Baker Boys

    The Fabulous Baker Boys


    In my least favourite decade of film, The Fabulous Baker Boys is immediately one of my favourites of the '80s for being the polar opposite of the avarice represented by the era on-screen.

    Hard-bitten, wintery photography makes the bottom of show business feel bottomless; the small-time struggles of a lounge trio cut through with a line of smart-alecky cynicism as sharp and sad as unforgiving Seattle winds.

    Pithy patter masks fifteen years of pathetic artistic compromise, while a constant fog…

  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle


    In place of rapey anal jokes (unless you count the title), we've got an extended fingering gag!

    They may dress like it, but none of the characters or the makers of this repellant trash have any class or clue about acting like a gentleman.

    For a second time, Matthew Vaughn tries to sell us on the idea of Colin Firth's Harry Hart being a firm believer of "manners maketh man", but these are empty words, for this even fouler-mouthed sequel's…