• Jigsaw



    On a long enough timeline, everyone becomes a Jigsaw Protégé™️

  • Saw 3D

    Saw 3D


    This one is dumb and fairly annoying the whole time, and the digital photography looks bad. The gore especially looks so crazy. Is this SAW or TERRIFIER?

    That being said, this one’s use of “flashback to scenes from seven minutes ago in the same movie” is the best of the series.

    I wish Dr. Gordon had played Hoffman’s part the last four movies

  • Saw VI

    Saw VI


    This one is pretty good! In a way it feels like it goes back to the basics of the series - forcing people who screw over the less fortunate to face their mistakes. The traps are kind of cool, and the twisty end is fun. Also you get to see Hoffman get hurt.

  • Saw V

    Saw V


    I don’t mind Hoffman as much as I did the last time I watched all of these, but it is still silly. Costas Mandylor loves to purse his lips, but isn’t as good at that as Tobin Bell, so he is inferior.

    SAW 4-7 are basically the series trying to have its cake and eat it too - they want the shock of killing Jigsaw but also want to keep going, so it paints itself into a corner with a…

  • Being There

    Being There


    Chauncey Gardner walked so Dougie Jones could waddle

  • Men in Black

    Men in Black


    I logged this exactly three years ago, to the day.

    (This was not planned, I just have a weird natural movie-watching rhythm [because I am a space alien in hiding])

  • Wheels on Meals

    Wheels on Meals


    Showed my daughter this and she loved it. I love it too. I do think that famous fight with Benny Urquidez is maybe a touch too long, and I would have liked to see more of that fight with Yuen Biao hopping around on pleather* furniture, but that is a minor complaint. This movie is great!

    *The furniture is in a fancy castle, but the bad guy who lives there is a weirdo and is also in the year 1984, so he probably would have pleather

  • Motel Hell

    Motel Hell


    This movie is crazy. The music and the setting and the very insane things going on behind the motel all feel tonally separate from each other: the music is serious, the setting has a very late 70s/early 80s realism to it, and the horror shenanigans are almost cartoonish. Somehow it all worked for me. I think the characters were interesting and likable enough, and of course there is the John Ratzenberger Effect, even though I don't think he speaks at all!

  • Murder on the Orient Express

    Murder on the Orient Express


    I liked this more emotional version of a story I love. The third-act flashback of the murder was pretty disturbing actually.

    One thing I love about this story is that, unlike many murder mysteries, you feel the weight of murder. People are upset and grieving, which is more realistic of course.

    Am I saying EVERY murder mystery should feel heavy? Heck no! I love a good whimsical black humor kind of investigation, but an occasional commentary on the whole process, like this story, is refreshing.

  • Wayne's World

    Wayne's World


    Dana Carvey is un-fuggin’-stoppable

  • Robot Jox

    Robot Jox


    My impression of the special effects team commentary on the new Arrow Blu-Ray of ROBOT JOX:

    “Who did this shot?”
    “That one was me.”
    “It’s really cool.”
    “Thank you.”

    Repeat every ten seconds for 84 minutes.

    (I loved it)

  • Dolls



    I watched this with the cast commentary. It was pretty enjoyable! I had started watching the Stuart Gordon commentary, but there was some weird clicking/crackling sound on the audio the whole time and it was weird and distracting.

    I like the dolls’ creepy-ass eyes!