Eraserhead ★★★

I probably shouldn’t have rewatched this. I was perfectly content letting it park in my head as a cool hipster memory from back in college. 20-something and fueled up on dive bar beer and nowhere to go at 1am was prime time for stuff like this. Wash it all down with not-yet-legal weed, and then try and convince your friends it all means something.

Except now I don’t think it means much. It’s Lynch warming up by doing calisthenics before the big game. He can say stuff like “Believe it or not, this is my most spiritual film”, but at this point I’m going with option Not. Who am I to say what HE believes - it’s his movie after all - but I do think some of that famous exchange was creating his own mythology (and by god it worked).

I love Lynch. He’s a legit auteur and multi-talented artist. I can’t really hate this movie, and I don’t, but I do think it’s just silly now. About on par with the talking monkey nonsense.

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