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  • Nobody Knows
  • Columbus
  • Landscape in the Mist
  • The Scent of Green Papaya

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  • Soylent Green


  • A Rose and A Tulip


  • Everything Everywhere All at Once


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  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


    This is Timothy, reporting from Berk.
    In case you’re wondering how I got here, let me fill you in. I found an almost brand new mp3-player in my house, shiny and silver. I stuffed it in my pocket and went back to unpause the film I was watching. Then the craziest thing happened: I fell through my TV trying to raise the volume when the flight theme came on in How To Train Your Dragon 3.

    The obvious must be…

  • Morning Patrol

    Morning Patrol


    To her, an abandoned street resembles a road carved out of yesterdays. Exasperation grows within her like bamboo sprouts as she digests her desolation. Trust is a knife without a grip, whereas loneliness only mildly stings when it's quiet. But when rivers still and words perish, loneliness demonstrates a surprisingly jarring edge.

    Such a unique atmosphere and such an incredible use of spoken narrative. If you like films such as Solaris, Stalker or maybe Voyage to Cythera, this might be up your alley.

    100+ for Tim

Popular reviews

  • Landscape in the Mist

    Landscape in the Mist


    A profound pursuit fueled with an inked dream but roadblocked by our foggy reality. It took me two viewings in one day to acknowledge what I had seen. This. This is mesmerizing. Rest assured that for me, no film will top this in 2021. After my initial watch, I was quite overwhelmed. Thoughts flowed, displaying trains and letters, snow and mist. Lurid thoughts that would not leave, unless I watched it again. So I did. It inexplicably was even better…

  • Dune



    As I'm sitting in the train on the way home right now, writing this, I wonder what I expected of Villeneuve's Dune. Funny but I just can't seem to remember.

    I was so lucky to catch this a day prior to the official dutch release and so I wanted to write a nice little review, but to be honest this was overwhelming as hell (100% meant in a positive sense). Sure I gave it a full five stars, but Villeneuve…