Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★½

So immensely pleasant and warm: a film that simultaneously recognises that its leads are talentless idiots, and finds their genial, infectious happiness no matter what happens to make them deeply enjoyable company. It is, in essence, a hang-out movie, though the sci-fi trappings and the enthusiasm for historical in-jokes obscure this somewhat. Outside of the oral report finale, the best of the film's several montage sequences, I tend to find this more amiable than actually amusing; it's also pretty rickety in the plotting, for something that cares this much about the storytelling mechanics made possible by time travel (and it is, I think, a sneakily very strong time-travel movie). But there is no pretense that this anything but a shaggy bit of teensploitation fluff, and the fact that it has enough charm and humor to still be a terrifically easy watch 30 years or more after the last moment its cultural reference points made any sense speaks immensely well of the affection the filmmakers had for the material, especially the game cast.

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