I would rather see her lovely step and the motion of light on her face...

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  • This Day’s Madness did prepare Tomorrow’s Silence
  • In the Stone House
  • Rushing Green with Horses
  • Time Indefinite

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  • A Night of Storytelling


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  • Sound Over Water


  • The Dragon Is the Frame


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  • L’homme atlantique

    L’homme atlantique


    I’ve enjoyed several of Duras’s shorts but struggled to find a way into her features. I even gave up on films like Le camion and Vera Baxter and justified it by telling myself it was because they’re basically chamber plays / uncinematic. If this medium-length work is any indication, however, then there’s good reason to think it’s about time I revisit Duras. The filmmaking impulse on display here might more accurately be described as anticinematic—an instantiation of absence. But as…

  • Nope



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    “some really creepy cryptic shit

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  • Cloud Shadows

    Cloud Shadows


    the blinking eye as camera shutter, but optography is as much a pseudoscience—a faulty method of knowledge attainment—as our attempts to fully capture our dreams and memories. we’re insatiable.

    one of the most unexpectedly moving moving-image works ever made about image-making. despite the “affectless” delivery, this is hugely affecting, nearly brought me to tears and totally made me laugh out loud (“how fucking far do you want to see??”)

  • This Day’s Madness did prepare Tomorrow’s Silence

    This Day’s Madness did prepare Tomorrow’s Silence


    graphik filmmaking; 

    sentimental graphology; philology → love of words, letters → love, letters → “love letters” written in magic ink, transmitted across fugitive materials and shifting sands

    “our words seemed traces of other words from other times”

    Mark McElhatten described Gatten and West’s work as illustrating the flow from the typical to the archetypal, to the mythic/Homeric

    literary gleanings such as Alexandre Dumas passages (“an opal-colored light, through which an autumnal sun shed its golden rays, descended on the blue ocean…”)…