Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

words can not express how wonderful this film is. the whole thing is so god damn charming, and kiki is the BEST studio ghibli protagonist, and just one of the best protagonists ever full stop. she’s so relatable and hardworking, yet also a bit rude and kind and open, and when she feels sad she doesn’t know why.
this film is like endorphins straight to the brain right from that opening sequence where she’s leaving home.
some of the most stunning visuals in all of cinema - i’ve never wanted to live in a fictional town as much as this one. the cobbled streets and red rooftops and ocean views are endlessly inviting, and you find yourself just wanting to explore the town w kiki - by broom or foot.
i love what this film says about being an artist and understanding yourself and your craft. it’s so important to know that when you lose passion or inspiration you’re not a failure, and that you will find it again.
also this is the only ghibli film where i am eng dub>>>japanese original. kirsten dunst’s performance as kiki is just perfect - just so charming and sweet!! that you absolutely love her.
the score as well, is one of joe hiasashi’s best. the main melody sounds like skimming your feet over the ocean, exploring cobbled streets, flying higher than you should. once again charming and endorphins straight to the brain.
i am now just ranting about how fucking good this film is because it’s just one of the best films ever. like every aspect of this film is perfect and miyazaki is a genius.

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