Encanto ★★★★½

I've been thinking about this rating for a long time and I still can't decide whether to give 4 or 4.5 stars. It's the perfect 8.5 out of 10 for me. I decided for 4.5 now, mainly because I just can't find flaws or things I don't like in it, so I guess that means I should give the higher rating. So if you're thinking that I really liked it, you're right.

I think Encanto is a pretty different Disney movie in the way it's written. The main character has no clear mission and doesn't go on a long journey in order to achieve it, most of the movie takes place inside one house, and there's not even a real villain. I don't think I've ever seen a Disney movie like this and I guess all those decisions were good ones because they help Encanto stand out from the rest. Especially in the last ten years I've had the feeling that all the Disney releases, most of all the princess movies, work with a specific formula, and I feel like it's time to break that.

I loved the animation in this, especially during the song scenes it was very creative. I watched Encanto in 3D and it really made for a great experience. Everything was bursting with vibrant colors which I always love, and the look of the characters was great too. It reminded me of the character animation in Tangled which is my favorite computer animated Disney movie, so that was pretty cool. All the children here looked incredibly cute, and of course the whole look was technically better than Tangled because of the technological progress since 2011.

In an animated movie it almost goes together with the animation, but still I wanna say that I also loved the production design. The house where the majority of Encanto took place was like a distinct character, which was a really great idea since it had to carry so much of this movie. I had great expectations for the songs because I knew that they were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and while I wasn't blown away by them, I'd say that my expectations were fulfilled. I loved the opening song and I think it remained my favorite. I also loved the humor, because there wasn't too much of it so it never got annoying, and what was there was really funny.

In the last third I fought a hard fight with my tears, and without spoiling, in the doorknob moment I lost it. A beautiful ending for a beautiful film. I think Disney has been going extremely strong in the last year, and I hope it's going to stay like this for a while.

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