How Alfonso Cuaron Became Roma's Oscar-Nominated Cinematographer

"Something consciously I was trying to do was to honour the sense of space, but also the sense of time. Allowing the scenes to flow in which the camera is more like a ghost that comes from the future and is in that place and is just witnessing." —Alfonso Cuarón

Academy Award–nominated writer, director, and cinematographer Alfonso Cuarón discusses his choice to shoot his 2018 feature Roma digitally in black and white, and why he stepped in when his long-time collaborator Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki became unavailable; and producer Gabriela Rodriguez — the first Latina woman Oscar-nominated for producing — discusses the difficulties inherent in a production shot entirely in black and white instead of colour.

The basis for the way Cuarón's Academy Award-winning feature was shot, stems from the desire to honour the sense of space and time, while allowing scenes to flow as the camera acts like a ghost witnessing what's playing out in front of it.