Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★

While I didn't find Thunder Force to be horrible, it isn't good either. It's easily the best of the McCarthy/Falcon collaborations but that's like saying I rather get pissed on instead of getting diarrhea all over me. This is a painfully dull and doesn't do the superhero/spoof genre any justice. It's a shame because there are a few, decent funny moments (keyword: few) and I do like the cast including Octavia Spencer and Jason Bateman. However, despite those few hilarious moments, most of the movie isn't funny and it's stupid. It takes so long to get the plot going. Hell, even the action sequences are utterly forgettable and the special effects are so-so. Melissa McCarthy is capable of being funny when she's working with people like Paul Feig (and yes, that includes mediocre Ghostbusters reboot) and dramedies like St. Vincent. This is yet another example of why she needs to stop working with him. At least it's not Tammy.

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