Logan ★★★★★

Logan is an excellent outing for Hugh Jackman in his star-making role. He is never being so much better in the part now he has been cut loose from all the PG-13 constraints (yes, I'm talking about you too X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and is allowed to show the character in a old-fashioned, violent bloodbath. Deadpool did started the trend that Logan take advantage of on a serious take. Yes, there is humor throughout the film to make things more lighthearted but this is a serious film that hit all the right notes of emotion. It's not just Hugh Jackman who gives a fantastic performance. Patrick Stewart gives a noteworthy performance that excels the genre. Newcomer Daphne Keen does give the best performance in the movie. Other actors like Stephen Merchant does a great job as well. For me, Logan is perfection. It is everything I want in a superhero flick especially these single-hero centered stories. Even though this is a comic book movie, I don't want to called that because it feels so much more than that. It feels like you are apart of the world than on a set. Everything about Logan --- in my opinion --- is stellar. The direction, the shot composition, the vague score, and the chemistry between the characters is flawless. Logan is a film that Wolverine deserves and fans of the character deserve it as well. Yes, I do think Logan will stand the test of time (and should). Claws up for Hugh for memories! It was well needed.

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