First Cow

First Cow ★★★★

This story about two friends wandering the American borderline looking for fortune by starting a successful business is a superlative, essence-pushing film from director Kelly Reichardt. It's so modest, so engrossing, and plunders away from the developmental issues of the so-called American Dream and the plague that is capitalism. Not only it shows a friendship that's built on wealth and security, it also shows the fascination of this friendship between the skilled cook and the Chinese immigrant. As with most Americans that would come after (if didn't come already), it reclines in the financial profitability of their own future by fleecing every single opportunity for money until there's no more left. While it's a simplistic tale that has been done before, Reichardt's elegant writing is the main reason that this movie is forbearing and realistic where the past resonates with its each tranquil scenery. The 2 hour and 2 minute runtime isn't necessary. There are times where the film can be slow. However, it's soothing atmosphere, the excellent performances from John Magaro and Orion Lee, and rich core storytelling left me enthralled.

Also, that cow needed more screentime. The cowbaiting isn't cool. 😤😡

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