Favorite films

  • Christmas Evil
  • The Candy Snatchers
  • Invasion of the Flesh Hunters
  • Feeders 2: Slay Bells

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  • D-Tox


  • Bones and All


  • House on the Edge of the Park


  • Cyborg


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  • Cyborg



    The crucifixion scene, the splits kill in the sewer... so much creativity and production value juiced out of every desolate industrial locale and rainy overgrown alleyway! great air-y vibe, wonky MIDI score, weird stylistic interludes to aid the dorky world-building. my first Pyun, and surely not my last, rest in peace.

  • Shakedown



    unconventionally structured dirtbag lawyer + hardened blue jean cop buddy flick, Weller is hot and loves Hendrix, Elliot is introduced snoozing in the 42nd St. grindhouse he crashes at. dashes of courtroom social justice and corruption-thriller alongside a main course of set-pieced stunt-heavy shootouts and chase sequences, of which it really could have used one or two more. heaps of 80s NYC grime; crack clubs, electrocuted Johns, and not one good cop in the department, Hennenlotter & Lustig would be proud. fucking hilarious climax.

    sweet marquees; Prince of Darkness and Witchboard, The Hidden and Nightmare On Elm Street 3, Death Wish 4.

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  • Wedding Trough

    Wedding Trough


    pig pussy really make a man go crazy

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    G5 Kids! Soulja (Soulja)
    All the pretty girls stand up, all the pretty boys stand up
    (Pretty boys in the building)

    This, right here, is my, swag (swag)
    All, the girls, are on me, damn
    Every, body, pay, attention
    This, right here, is my pretty boy swag (Soulja, Soulja, Soulja)
    Pretty boy swag (ayy)
    Pretty boy swag (ayy)
    Pretty boy swag (ayy)
    Girls on my dick when I pretty boy swag
    Girls scream my name when I pretty…