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This review may contain spoilers.

Each day I love this movie more and more. Like holy shit. It’s not as good as Blade Runner 2049 but this is still a masterpiece. Rick Dekard is such a well developed character and his depression feels real because we know that he hates hunting the replicants because he feels bad because for them since he loves Rachel. The scene where he rapes her is hard to watch and uncomfortable but it’s vital to Rick’s development. Rick is at his lowest point in that scene, and he’s so depressed that he needs something. So he forces Rachel to love him, to save his own life and give himself a reason to live. It’s a moment where we see Rick as he really is. Not some badass who gets the job done, a human who has real weaknesses and needs love more than anything. The “villains” are also extremely well written, and they make a lot of sense. Roy sacrificing himself to save Rick is the same a K sacrificing himself to save Rick in 2049. As we hear, the most human thing anyone can do is sacrifice themselves for others, and just like K, Roy gets what he wants and becomes more human. This movie is amazing and I only expect my love to grow for it as time goes on.

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