Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham: Inside ★★★★★

Holy shit it's the first film I've seen on my own time in a while!

"Inside" is an impressive, introspective, existential, and passionate one-man show that follows Bo Burnham as he creates his next special from within the confines of one room for a little more than a year.
He tackles subjects like having an online audience and the associated pressures, how overwhelming and ultimately pointless most of the media we consume online is, our never-ending search for validation and approval, among other things.
Bo is a musically gifted individual, and he uses that medium for most of the show, through catchy and lyrically interesting 80s synthpop sounding songs. He also has an eye for the cinematic, and manages to keep the entire performance visually interesting as well.
I myself am a creative person, and I've been going through a depressive rough patch, which has kept me from picking up my hobbies. As a replacement, I spend the majority of my daily life online, indoors, alone, and sedentary. This film addressed many of the things I've been privately going through and will be a stepping stone for me to begin to pursue my hobbies, self-care, and self-improvement again.