The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Seeing a lot of comments about the Revenge of the Sith fight sequence but absolutely no one mentioning how Amleth wishes his sword a good night and then puts it to bed.

The Northman is fantastic. I will say my first impression is that the movie was probably simpler than it actually was, and on second thought I do think it's worth a rewatch for the rich amount of Norse mythology thrown in as the finer details of this revenge plot.

Eggers is getting very good at capturing highly complex ecosystems in sight and sound, helped by the excellent work of Jarin Blaschke, and gifting us majestically orchestrated glimpses of wars, coups, rituals, ceremonies, games, agriculture and travel. The dissonant wails of the score and sound effects beautifully accentuate this dread-filled story of violence and myth. I also really like some of the uncertainty many of the fantastical events throw you in, and whether they can be trusted or not through the deranged and hate-filled eyes of Amleth.

Performances are great all around, I would've loved a to-the-letter movie with old Norse and Icelandic exclusively spoken but I think it's relatively easy to get over this. Nicole Kidman steals the show around the third act as well.

The first 30ish minutes of this movie are perfect, absolutely no notes. Eggers' versatility and high-concept/high-ambition impact start to subside as the story gets more settled and centred around a location and set of characters, but nevertheless this is excellent form and I can't wait to see his next project. RE only gets stronger with each film.

PS - I love that Sjón and Björk are both in this. This should've just been a 2 hour Björk album.

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