Malignant ★★★½

The beginning made me fear that “Malignant” would be an admittedly well-made but standard supernatural jump scare spookfest, which isn´t really my thing, and most of the early scares more annoyed than scared me. Yet the longer I watched the more I got into it and when the transition from second to third act came with an unexpected tonal shift from slow-burn creepy and unsettling horror to all-out insanity, I was totally on the movie´s wavelength. It definitely has one of the most outrageous, excessive, and delightfully bonkers third acts I have seen in a recent horror film, mixing disturbing body horror, ultra-gory grindhouse splatter, and Sam Raimi-esque demonic fun horror. The strong giallo influences in style and outlandish plot developments are also much appreciated. “Malignant” is audacious, masterfully directed, and brims with love for the genre. It also features some tropes and techniques I´m not a fan of but it makes up for that with lots of crazy shit that´s right up my alley.

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