Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★½

11 years before “The Nice Guys”, Shane Black already directed “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”, another hilarious blend of buddy comedy and neo noir crime film that takes place in Los Angeles. And what can I say? Shane Black is great at what he does. He knows how to write quirky and entertaining characters, absurd situations, and witty, snappy, and highly enjoyable dialogue. The purposely convoluted mystery plot is engaging in its own right, but the movie is all about the characters and humor. It´s laugh out loud funny and features competent direction, a stylish flair, an energetic vibe, movie references, and a fun, unreliable, and fourth wall breaking first person narrator (before it was cool). But what really carries the film is the charisma, comedic talent, and outstanding chemistry of Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. They are a joy to watch and their sarcastic banter had me rolling. The wonderful Michelle Monaghan also leaves a positive impression, although it requires some suspension of disbelief that she is the childhood friend of the 11 years older Downey Jr. All in all, I think that Shane Black further improved his formular in “The Nice Guys”, but “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” also already has clear “cult comedy” potential.

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