Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy ★★★★

Yeah, “Chasing Amy” is politically incorrect and has some parts that are cringey and quite dated, but in my opinion, it has the heart in the right place. I was actually positively surprised by how mature, sincere, touching, and relatable the film is. Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams are both great. I totally believed them and was emotionally invested in their relationship. Scenes like the argument in the parking lot, Silent Bob´s monologue, and the final Comic Con scene hit me right in the feels, which I didn´t expect from a Kevin Smith film. Apart from the surprising emotional depth, “Chasing Amy” also features Smith´s trademark pop culture references and brilliantly written dialogue that I love so much, and all those different aspects together made this film a very rewarding and satisfying experience for me. Still, I can also totally understand, if this movie is not for you.

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