The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

he’s so grumpy 🥰

Really truly loved this. It may be the only Batman movie I've seen that actually feels like reading a run of comic books. Matt Reeves balances heroics and and hard-boiled pulp like nothing, making every element feel like it could only come from a Batman story.

Looking through the history of Batman movies, very few have been made by people who are really comfortable with the source material. Burton has said he never had much affection for comics, Schumacher's main interest was in cartoonish elevation, and even Nolan's films feel ashamed of anything that might be out of place in a Michael Mann movie. (Snyder seemingly loves comics, but also wants to outsmart them at every turn.) Here, Batman is both the world's greatest detective and the world's weirdest billionaire. You can have it both ways, and when you’re dealing with a man with two identities, it’d be a waste not to.

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