The Batman

The Batman ★★★★

It’s taken me a long time to rewatch this- not because it’s a bad film but it’s a three hour intense mood piece and I knew I needed to watch it when I was in the right headspace.

I’m really glad I did rewatch it because there are several things that improved for me, not least Paul Dano’s performance. It’s still not amazing but it is a little more nuanced that I gave it credit for. 

Jesus John Turturro is good in this. And Peter Sarsgard. I still think Alfred is underused but Pattinson is such a different Batman from his predecessors, it’s refreshing to see someone do something new with the character. That car chase is still incredible.

Does it need to be three hours? Absolutely not. Weirdly though I’d still have included that Joker cut scene. I’d almost cut the film somewhere between the assassination of La Rata Atada and the explosions, the film takes such pains to establish itself and then the climax just feels rushed, it’s all foreplay then premature ejaculation. And the last fifteen minutes are still awful.

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