Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

I would have been completely content if the movie had continued on as it did in the opening few scenes. The emotional stakes that are established are high, and the frantic filmmaking conveyed the world of stress that Evelyn lived in. Those emotional stakes are really what allow this movie to succeed even more than the insane creativity and fun of the multiverse concept. The core conflicts between Evelyn and her father, husband, and especially daughter provide depth that just make me feel good to say I love this movie. The allegory for suicide was intense but so well realized. 

It’s nice for a movie to remind me of the infinite possibilities that my life can have. Thinking about her saying “we can do anything we want” gives me hope. Not just that a better life may be possible, but that life could still have some mystery to it, some sense of adventure.

The budget for this movie was $25 million, and they used every cent of that to its fullest extent. Although we only got to experience a (relatively) few universes through actual scenes, the quick bursts of all of the other universes gave the multiverse concept so much depth. It’s such a fun idea, because they really can do whatever they want with it. Still, I think they managed to keep the chaos reigned in enough to tell a story with a strong sense of flow and narrative.

The only complaints I have about the movie are that it felt a bit long by the end, and I think they focused on the hot dog universe a bit much. It is a fucking hilarious gag (by the way, this movie is so damn funny), but I didn’t understand the point of presenting a universe where Evelyn and the auditor were in a relationship(?). It did lead to a beautiful moment near the end (“there’s always something to love”), but that moment probably could have been achieved through other means. Those complaints are honestly so small compared to the mountain of things to love about this movie that they don’t bring my rating down. When they started to introduced the multiverse concept, I was a little disappointed at how confusing it was, but the extra explanatory dialogue actually helped me a lot and I ended up loving how they approached it, and the weird things people had to do to connect.

Speaking of how funny this movie was, the rock scenes helped me fall in love with the movie even more. Being able to essentially present a few lines of the script and having that be one of the funniest moments in the movie is just amazing. Bravo Daniels.

There’s so much more to say, but this is getting a little long. One more thing I want to mention is that all five of the main performances were fantastic. Even though I would have loved to see Jackie Chan in this movie, the casting was perfect. Also, Joy’s various looks were one of my favorite parts of the movie. She looked absolutely iconic in almost every scene. If this doesn’t get Oscar buzz (picture, editing, lead actress, supporting actress, lead actor), letterboxd is officially broke.

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