• Midnight in Paris

    Midnight in Paris


    ''That's what the present is. It's a little unsatisfying because life is unsatisfying.'' - Gil

    Never before have I seen a concept, or theory, that was better put into a film than Midnight in Paris. The way Woody Allen puts this theory forward in combination with his great writing, premise, and sheer imagination makes for a genuinely fun film that makes you think, but also makes sure you disconnect from the real world to enjoy these characters that we've never…

  • Safe



    I never knew I needed rear view mirror shots this much.

    Safe is a really fun, action-packed B-movie with a nice premise, which sadly ends up just being a bit racist and not really having a pay-off.

    The cinematography, for a Jason Statham action movie, is great. It shows us exactly what we need to see and doesn't cut every 0.2 seconds to make it look more entertaining and spectacular. That's what's been wrong with action movies since like the…

  • Winter in Wartime

    Winter in Wartime


    ''I bring my sister. She's.. a sister'' - Michiel

    This film based on Jan Terlouw's book of the same name shows great character building of a 14-year-old boy living during the occupation of the Netherlands in the coldest winter of the WWII; the ''Oorlogswinter'' of 1945.

    It starts with a great cold open which immediately sets the tone of the film while also giving (intertextual) clues concerning the WWII, and showing us the gravity of the situation. It continues this,…

  • The Big Short

    The Big Short


    A comedy-drama about the housing bubble with fourth-wall breaking and use of fly-on-the-wall, or mockumentary style filming. What's not to love?

    It's a great film. The performances are great. The little character beats are great. There's great humor. I love the reveals in the film that create genuine shock.

    The explanations and cutaways that are in the film don't really distract me that much as they do with other people, it seems. I fully enjoyed them. It's part of the…

  • Only the Dead

    Only the Dead


    Documentary showing the true life of soldiers of the US army, and Iraqi citizens during the Iraq war. It's shot very up-close and personal which makes sure you can't escape what you're watching.

    The documentary maker, Michael Ware, shot footage of the war over a period of 7 years, which shows real commitment. He's there when they raid a house, do a search or anything else without any weapon or protection. He's there in the danger with the soldiers. It's…

  • Lawless



    I had to watch this with the volume down, and with foreign subtitles, so I didn't quite understand everything..., but Shia LaBeouf was quirky and fun, and Tom Hardy did a great job. The rest looked really sloppy and cheesy.

  • Argo



    A great film which proves that you don't need any intense set piece to have great tension and thrills. You just need to play dress-up and be a fugitive in a foreign country. That's it.

    A great plot which is laid out for you perfectly, which helps you feel more on the inside of this little secret mission. You know everything they know, and this makes for a more thrilling ride, because you always think people other than the people…

  • Jimmy Carr: Funny Business

    Jimmy Carr: Funny Business


    It's pretty fun at the start, but the crude shtick gets quite boring quite fast.

  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    When a high-concept film about three douchey kids that rob a blind guy works SOOO well.

    The cinematography in this film is so good. It's exactly what you want for your small, somewhat secluded horror film. It's greatly used in the ''cat-and-mouse'' scenes, and is used so good to build tension and throughout the first act of the film. The best cinematography of the film is the long take when they've just entered the house when it sets up most of…

  • Blair Witch

    Blair Witch

    A film that looks like a cheap sequel made to make a lot of money quickly after a very popular film, but it's actually a high-budget sequel 17 years later that barely made any money.... Where did it go wrong?

    Everywhere. The moment the film starts you know this is gonna be shit. It starts with the final moments of the original film to refresh your mind, but instead of just playing the proper ending, it actually adds some distorted…

  • The Blair Witch Project

    The Blair Witch Project


    The film that is widely known for bringing the sub-genre ''Found footage'' to the mainstream audience, and while it did not create the film technique, it did reinvent it. Older found footage films like ''Cannibal Holocaust'' used shock value and gore to create controversy, which made it into a success. The Blair Witch Project, on the other hand, used realism by keeping the film minimalistic, making up a backstory, and creating mythology for the woods in Burkittsville, Maryland (formerly known…

  • The Infiltrator

    The Infiltrator


    A character-driven story about the federal agent who tries to take down the infamous kingpin Escobar, with great performances by Cranston and supporting actor John Leguizamo, with themes not usually explored in films with a similar premise.

    Therefore, it felt like a whiff of fresh air in a very stale genre; it was refreshing to see a narrative that takes in the psychological factor of the main actor, but it also felt stale to see the same premise we've seen…