• Frank



    It's fine, I guess. I don't get why people like it that much.


    Maybe I don't understand the subtext of it but to me, it seems like a plain story about people who want to make it, and follow someone with a unique voice and style, and someone corrupts him by showing him this new technology and somewhat new ''ideology'' of idolizing, which gets him hypnotized and into it. When he finally realizes that this is not him (and…

  • Bo Burnham: Make Happy

    Bo Burnham: Make Happy


    ''Thank you, good night, I hope you're happy''

  • Bo Burnham: What.

    Bo Burnham: What.


    ''Maybe life on earth could be heaven, doesn't just the thought of it make it worth a try?'' - Bo Burnham


    ''Quotes are for dumb people who can't think of something intelligent to say on their own'' - Bo Burnham

  • 50/50



    This apparently is based on the writer's real-life battle with cancer, which makes this movie all the more depressing.

    The film is about a radio writer Adam (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who gets diagnosed with cancer. It shows us a lot of the issues people like that have to face with; mainly confronting your family & girlfriend, and dealing with them and his own turmoil.

    If there's one thing this film nails is how it shows us the relationship between someone…

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower


    The most standard, cliche, and overdone coming-of-age film, while also being a really genuine, and heartfelt film about most of the issues these characters, and most high-school kids, go through. This isn't because the screenwriting is something special, but mainly because of the performance given by the main character, Charlie, played by Logan Lerman.

    The film is fine as a whole, even though it sometimes felt a bit more like an infomercial than a real movie, but it never took…

  • Café Society

    Café Society


    A movie that looks this beautiful and aesthetic; with gorgeous costumes, near-enough perfect symmetric cinematography, stunningly lit scenes, and with sets/locations that look like we're back in the 1930's it still feels hollow, cold, and without any significant meaning. It felt like Allen was showing us that he still had the technical chops, but forgot to write any substance, and just added it with his unique and trademark dialogue, and some personal experiences, so it would feel like a Woody…

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


    Why was this film so bad? It had a cool trailer, a nice look, pretty good cast, good source material. It could've been the first good Tim Burton since Sweeney Todd.

    Oh yeah, I remember. It was shit because everyone involved did a shit job. Burton made this into one of the most boring, and laziest films about a fantastical world ever, with a lackluster attempt to make it look unique, and with a 3rd act that would fuck me up if I was still a kid. It's just the worst.., but at least Eva Green looked hot smoking a pipe...

  • Prey



    ''Moet je K-k-k-k-ku-ku-kijken. Dat is geen h-h-hondenpoep!''

  • Southbound



    I hate anthology movies., but this one was okay

    I don't see the point of anthology films. Why should I invest in any of these characters if they are gonna be gone in 15-20 minutes?

    This film did a good job by having a through line and connecting the stories, which made me like it a lot more.

    The third segment was the best!...

    ..Poor Lucas.

  • Deepwater Horizon

    Deepwater Horizon


    Pretty great first half of the film, building suspense in a believable way, whilst not slowing down, and moving the plot forward and giving us the characters' motivation in a decent-enough way. Introduction to all the parts that were involved in this tragedy was great and their roles were divided equal enough so you care about them all, eventhough Mark Wahlberg should be the main character.

    Second half is a full-on Man Vs. Nature film with the man falling of…

  • Midnight in Paris

    Midnight in Paris


    ''That's what the present is. It's a little unsatisfying because life is unsatisfying.'' - Gil

    Never before have I seen a concept, or theory, that was better put into a film than Midnight in Paris. The way Woody Allen puts this theory forward in combination with his great writing, premise, and sheer imagination makes for a genuinely fun film that makes you think, but also makes sure you disconnect from the real world to enjoy these characters that we've never…

  • Safe



    I never knew I needed rear view mirror shots this much.

    Safe is a really fun, action-packed B-movie with a nice premise, which sadly ends up just being a bit racist and not really having a pay-off.

    The cinematography, for a Jason Statham action movie, is great. It shows us exactly what we need to see and doesn't cut every 0.2 seconds to make it look more entertaining and spectacular. That's what's been wrong with action movies since like the…