Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★★

I personally do not believe in ghosts or most supernatural things (jury's still out on god and heaven and the whole jesus thing), but a recent film I saw has added an interesting perspective to the topic of the paranormal. Edgar Wright's 2021 camp-horror-time-travel-paranormal-thriller Last Night in Soho gave an interesting interpretation of the idea of ghosts that personally really resonated with me. It portrays ghosts not as the souls of the dead, but as memories come to life, emotions that were so strong and experiences that were so traumatic that they've gained a life of their own. Characters that are still alive have ghosts of their past selves, dead characters have multiple ghosts, because these ghosts are snapshots of people at a moment in their lives, at their most cruel, their most kind, or their most afraid. I like this idea, whether I believe in it is a whole different discussion, but the feeling of an emotion or experience being its own sentient entity is something I think everyone can relate to. Everyone has, at some time in their life, had a feeling that seemed too big, too overwhelming, to be contained to one person, that this interpretation of ghosts reflects that. I'm not in any way crediting Edgar Wright with coining this version of the supernatural, ghosts are such a widespread concept that it's nigh impossible to create a wholly original take on them, but his film was what introduced me to the possibility of ghosts having more meaning than just “dead guy but still alive”

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