Road House

Road House ★★★★½

This is the closest thing I’ve ever seen that feels like an honest to god naturally birthed from America martial arts movie. The remake should have Wuxia style fights. 

Things I consider to be powerfully cinematic; 
- melodious yet hard hitting dialogue 
- denim
- Ben Gazzara
- huge tits
- male ass
- story worlds with a really specific buy in (bouncers are renowned)
- sweat 
- almost seeing a guy’s hog a few times 
- Swayze
- Swayze in suede 
- big fat guys
- big knives 
- high neck T-shirts 
- wood furniture and paneling 
- a fighter that studied philosophy 
- “you’re a bleeder”
- gorgeous 70s style shag pad sitting atop some fucking stick hole barn 
- karate casual gi tucked into jeans
- Sam Elliott anxiously watching over a wet gstring contest 
- doing laundry at a laundromat 
- knife boot
- clocking the knife boot 
- that explosion 
- the next explosion 
- “I used to fuck guys like you in prison”
- car barrel roll shotgun blast into explosion 
- reveal the car was driven by a knife stabbed into the pedal 
- Gazzara’s rectangle watch face with leather wrist 
- “you found my trophy room, the only thing missing is your ass”
- the violent squib work on Gazzara is so grizzly!

Andrew Dice Clay should be in this as either himself or Ford Fairlane solving a case or something in the background. 

The new 4k UHD from Vingerar Syndrome is a dream.

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