Cinderella ★½

I'm a sucker for musicals but this just might be one of the worst if not the worst musical I've ever seen.

I mean no disrespect to the songs they're amazing tbh they're the sole reason that kept me hooked till the end. When they started singing Perfect I jumped in excitement if they would've brought Ed Sheeran I would be rating this 5 stars no questions asked ( don't consider this as a Spoiler infact consider this only reason to check it out other than Camila Cabello singing obviously). The story itself is mess. I just don't get the point they show men riding horses cool the next scene they show dresses that literally resembles modern day fashion those dresses that hair okay leave fashion aside they show us a Castle in which a the Royal family lives amazing but inside it has modern architecture idk man I just don't get the point.

🎵 The world doesn't need another dream Girl 🎵

I don't understand in 2021 why do we need another Cinderella movie
There are literally 94 fucking versions ( yeah I've counted in Letterboxd idk IMDb might even show more) of it released already why do we need a new version why seriously why in 2021 ??
Are we out of stories for Musicals
I guess no
Is it money but they didn't go for a theatrical release too direct on Prime
Idk what they thought that this might bring new audience to Prime ( There might a minute section of Camila fans who might not have an account so Prime might've target those minute section).

I know Camila Cabello is hot and has amazing voice I love her songs but why can't they make an original musical which would help her explore more stuff why repeating same shit again. I didn't even like the acting part of her she way trying a lot but it didn't work out. Obviously we shouldn't be judging an actor by a single film ( Look where Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are now ) if she does other films I'd definitely watch em just for her. Trust me I tried to leave it in the middle more than 5 times but everytime I decide to leave Camila starts to sing I'd be like okay one last song 🥺🖤.

Edit :- Forgot to mention how irritating James Corden was, how does he still get casted I don't find him even 1% funny. Watching his face on a rat God help me I'm gonna have nightmares now 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️

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